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Arcane Station feat Marianne Hekkilæ Let Them Fall Official Music Video

Arcane Station presents his new music video, “Let Them Fall”. The song features Marianne Hekkilæ and is available for download on iTunes.

Director:  Christopher Meyers
Director of Photography: Derek Johnson

Director’s Note:

“The funny part about this music video is that more or less, it was done on a whim. Our Producer, Wayne Han, came to us, mentioning a contest on a website called Genero ( with the chance to make the official video for a band called M83. A group of us decided it was a good idea and got to work. Bear in mind, we were two weeks away from the deadline when we decided to produce this. Between myself, Wayne Han (Producer), Wyeth Taylor (Lead/Producer), Amanda Scruggs (Production Designer) and Derek Johnson (Director of Photography) we used all of our spare time and resources to put this thing together on a shoestring budget with very little time to make it happen. This was a few years ago, back in 2012. The video was received positively, making it as Finalist in the contest, but didn’t end up taking the prize. Fast forward four years, the music video has just been sitting on the website gaining a view here and there when one day I receive a message. It was from a musical artist named Thomas Pettersen, who uses the stage name Arcane Station, out of Norway. He reached out to me through Genero, exclaiming how much he enjoyed the video and offered to purchase the footage through Genero as a third party. I agreed and spent the next couple weeks re-editing the footage, creating the music video you see above. It’s kind of amazing, how what seemed like a failed project, turned out to have a second life.”

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