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Veydra Mini Prime Lens Set

Veydra Primes Set

Veydra Mini Prime Lens Set – Micro 4/3rds Mount – Now available for rent at Revolution Cinema Rentals!

The MFT Veydra Mini Prime lens sets are made specifically for today’s digital cameras with smaller sensors; IE mirrorless cameras. Since these are cinema quality lenses, this means that they are of the highest quality and produce an image that you will be proud to call your own.

Veydra Mini Primes are all cine-vised. They are de-clicked; have FF and Iris gears and 80mm fronts. They smoothly integrate with all follow focus systems, either on camera or remote. They are easy to work with and change in and out quickly because each lens has the same physical dimensions, as the focus and iris gears are identically placed across the barrel.

These lenses were custom designed and built from the ground up. They are not re-housed still lenses that have been modified for cinema work. The images that are produced are of top quality. The background fall off is rich and the bokeh is round and smooth. Each lens features a 10-bladed iris that, wide open, produces nice round out-of-focus highlights, with the shapes becoming more oblong at the edges and corners of the frame, depending on your T stop.

Set includes:

12mm T2.2 – CF 8” – Wt 19.2 oz
16mm T2.2 – CF 8” – Wt 19.3 oz
25mm T2.2 – CF 10” – Wt 16.1 oz
35mm T2.2 – CF 11” – Wt 16.7 oz
50mm T2.2 – CF 15” – Wt 16.3 oz

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Arri Fujinon Alura Zoom

Arri Fujinon Alura Zoom

Now available for rent from RCR: Light Weight Arri Fujinon Alura Zoom – 15.5-47 T2.8 PL Mount

Arri’s light weight Alura 15.5-45/T2.8 zoom lens ensures superior optical quality and unique characteristics, merged with a true robust housing and resilient build, makes this zoom the go to lens for all productions. Combine this lens on our Arri Amira Cameras and you will have a fusion that was mean to be…


Lightweight & compact
ARRI Lens Data System LDS
Increases efficiency of VFX and 3D post
High resolution for 2K to 8K+ camera outputs
High contrast through minimized flares / veiling glare (FUJINON multi-layer EBC coating)
Greatly reduced chromatic aberration through the use of dispersion glass
Large image circle of 31.5 mm covers all current digital cameras
Minimized breathing, especially at the wide end!
Nine iris leaves for round, out-of-focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh
Consistent contrast, resolution and field illumination across the whole focus and zoom range
Large, easy-to-read precision focus scales on both sides
Matching focus, zoom and iris scale positions
114 mm front diameter – CF 2” – Wt. 4.9 LBS

The 15.5-47 T2.8 lightweight zoom packs a high level of optical sophistication into a compact housing that offers a perfect solution for fast-moving productions. Whenever the schedule simply won’t allow changing of lenses frequently, this is the go to zoom. Great for gimbal, Steadicam, hand held, tracking vehicles.  As lenses go, the Alura zooms consistently look terrific; as they are of such extremely high quality and lightning-fast.  This is a superb lens that has a tremendous level of quality. Those factors combined along with the service and support you will get from Stu, Damon and the entire RCR team makes this a very attractive lens package rental.

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Mir-1B Soviet USSR Wide Angle Lens

For your consideration… the USSR made Soviet wide angle manual focus lens Mir-1B 37 mm F2.8. Made in Vologda as an analog of a famous Carl Zeiss Flektogon lens. The lens has 10 aperture blades which helps to achieve great control of defocus area.

PERFECT FOR LANDSCAPES AND DAILY SHOOTING! It gives great sharpness wide open!

You can achieve magical results with the new ‪Sony FS7‬ Camera…  It has a M42 Screw mount and can been modified to a Canon mount.  Come test it out!

Mir-1B Soviet USSR Wide Angle Lens

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RCR is proud to be a sponsor of the 5th Anniversary ZEDFEST


You’ve heard of “B-Movies” right? The low budget second movie in a double feature. Movies that were bad, or so bad they’re good. Movies that demand multiple viewings and you can’t help but quote. You’ve probably have never heard of “Z-Movies” have you? The Z-Movies (or as we like to call them “Zed-Flicks”) were usually the independent micro-budget with unknown cast members, and made by Filmmakers that had dedication to complete their films. They were the early incarnation of Grindhouse and Drive In Flicks. “B’s” (Actually many of what is considered an old B-Movie today were actually “Z’s” back when they first came out.) In our opinion the “Z’s” are better.
Robot Monster a 1953 Z-Movie that was the first Sci-Fi in 3-D Directed by Phil Tucker, which inspired us because of Phil Tucker’s dedication and tenacity to complete his film project. Our hero, Phil Tucker could not afford to have a robot costume made for his classic ROBOT MONSTER, but he knew a guy with a good gorilla suit, then had a space helmet made out of papier-mâché, and just kept going. If that is not passion for your work, we don’t know what is. That is the type of film maker and screenwriter we would like to encourage with our

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Sunset Film Festival

Revolution Cinema Rentals will be a sponsor at the 2015 SUNSET FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES. The festival will be held May 16th and 17th at the WhiteFire Theater, 13500 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. The Award Ceremonies start at 6:00pm with screenings starting at 7:00pm.

2015 Edition Categories & Prizes
1. Features: From 60 minutes to 180 minutes, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
2. Shorts: From 1 minutes to 60 minutes, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
3. Feature documentary: From 60 minutes to 180 minutes, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
4. Short documentary: From 1 minutes to 60 minutes, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
5. Experimental. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
6. Animation. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
7. Music Video. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
8. Student film. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
9. Screenplay / Script. (All genres, between 1 and 180 pages), 1st Place $90 Prize from PithFest
10. Foreign. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
11. TV pilot. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
12. Web episode. A run time of any length is permitted, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony
13. Local (LA based filmmakers) A run time of any length, 1st Place $599 Prize from Sony + $500 rental discount
14. Treatment – Film, TV, Web (all genres, any length), 1st Place $90 Prize from PithFest


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