Toronto International Film Festival Event sponsored by Letus / The Master Cinema Series, Canon and Revolution Cinema Rentals

Turning the new line of Canon Cameras into

Movie Making Machines

Shane Hurlbut, ASC will be in Toronto on September 15th to speak in depth about the versatility of film and digital camera platforms and how a filmmaker can use the best aspect of each to tell a story. With 20 years of filmmaking experience, Shane will show that bridging this gap is possible and can hold up on a 60-foot screen.


This FREE event is open to filmmaking students and faculty, and independent filmmakers. Join Shane as he shares his expertise at a unique venue set against the backdrop of one of the most popular film festivals in the world.


“Act of Valor” was the first film released by a major studio to be shot mainly on the Canon 5D. Shane will show how he was able to achieve the unique look of the film and the power of a new 4K arsenal of Canon cameras that will take your creation to the next level. Workflow, short cuts, rigs to increase your speed, and expand your scope. Go hands on, exchange ideas, and ask questions.


September 14, 2012: The Friday event has been canceled

Due to an unforeseen schedule change related to Shane’s upcoming new feature film, he is unable to speak at the Friday event. As filmmakers, we must always remain flexible. We thank you for your patience and understanding and invite you all to join us for the Saturday event.



Pie in the Sky Studios, September 15, 2012:
Studio 1, 397 Donlands Avenue, 7:00 to 10:00pm

Shane Hurlbut, ASC will deliver a FREE visual in-depth presentation about the versatility of film and digital camera platforms and how you can use the best aspect of each to tell your story and seamlessly fuse them together. Using his 20 years of filmmaking experience to show that bridging this gap is possible and can hold up on a 60 foot screen. “Act of Valor” was the first film released by a major studio to be shot mainly on the Canon 5D.
Shane will show the power of the Canon Platform: 5D MK III, C300 as well as the new 4K 1DC to take your creation to the next level. Workflow, short cuts, rigs to increase your speed, and expand your scope along with Unseen footage!!!
One half hour question and answer session to follow.

Attendees will be eligible to win door prizes that include an MCS Action Cam, donated by Letus Corporation, and free 3-Day Rental on a $5K Camera Package from Revolution Cinema Rentals. (Restrictions apply. Winner responsible for any shipping charges.)

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Please contact Anne Gaither at 855-487-5288 ex.809 with any questions about the event.

This event may be standing room only. We advise arriving early for a seat. Thank you.

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Toronto Brunch Tweet-up, September 16, 2012:  This event has been canceled




  • Dynamic Range in Filmmaking
    • 13 Sep 14
    • San Fernando
    • Revolution Cinema Rentals & Hurlbut Visuals present:

      Dynamic Range in Filmmaking

      Saturday, September 13th, 2pm to 5pm

      Printable Flyer

      1102 Arroyo Street in San Fernando This FREE WORKSHOP will provide education via hands-on demonstrations from the following sponsors and vendors: Canon, Freefly, HP, Small HD, The Music Bed, Tiffen, Cherry Box USA, DJI, DSLRPros, Flanders Scientific Inc, HydroFlex, Teradek and more.

      Street Parking with Signage from the City of San Fernando with Parking Directions for RCR Event. If parking is not available on the street, you can park on the NW side of the Califone Building.

      Space is limited. Reserve your spot NOW!

      Fall Education & Demonstration Festival Schedule:

      2:00 pm – 2:30 pm Lan Bui
      “How To Book Your First $100,000 Shoot”
      Learn how The Bui Brothers went from shooting YouTube videos to booking their first $100,000 shoot.

      2:30 pm – 2:50 pm Derek Johnson
      “4K Workflow Options”
      Derek Johnson, breaks down 4K workflow and best practices with examples from Feature, Web, and Commercial productions.

      2:50 pm – 3:05 pm Matt Brown
      “Shooting on a Professional Underwater Set”

      3:05 pm – 3:30 pm Eric Mooneyham
      “The Up’s and Down’s of Multicopter Filmmaking”

      3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Gear Touch & Try

      Complimentary Snacks & Refreshments

      Raffle Prizes:
      $500 Gift Certificate from Flanders Scientific, Inc.
      Cast and Crew Call Membership $500 Value
      $200 Music Licensing Credit from Music Bed
      $500 Rental from Revolution Cinema Rentals
      2 full-sized boxes from Cherry Box©
      Shane’s Inner Circle Membership

      Educational Event Fall 2014 Flyer

      Lan BuiLan Bui is a DP who recently shot a project produced by Martin Scorsese and directed by Greg Aronowitz. He is DPing 12 short films this year, booked his second feature film (shoots at the end of this year) and partnered up with Aaron Dieppa to launch a startup… Cast and Crew Call. Lan produces/directs/shoots/edits almost all of his smaller projects. He also gets hired as a consultant for small to medium size businesses to help with marketing. And last but certainly not least he is a speaker.

      Lan Bui and his brother, Vu, started personal videoblogs in January, 2005. In 2006 they started web show and broadcast over 200 episodes through 2007. It was also the first daily web show produced and distributed in HD.
      They adopted DSLR video shooting as soon as it came out (with the Nikon D90) and, with Smashface Productions, shot the first US television commercial on the Canon 5D mark II.

      They teach DSLR video shooting and online media creation to professionals in numerous industries; and have been hired for DSLR production consulting.

      derek_johnson_biopicDerek Johnson is a IATSE Local 600 DIT and Camera assistant whose recent credits include “Need for Speed”, “Fathers and Daughters” and “Transparent”.







      Eric MooneyhamEric Mooneyham and Image Domain have been at the forefront of brand image creation, quality and curation, for the past two decades. Some of the most renowned brands in the world have benefited from Eric’s work in these regards. Eric has been a pioneer in high-resolution digital imagery, on-demand digital proofing, development of digital archiving and distribution systems, and perfecting new technologies in the creation of new and exciting images that the world demands.

      In the early 90’s Eric and Image Domain took on the herculean task of creating all of the brand imagery for Saban/Fox Entertainment’s massive media hit, Power Rangers. The worldwide popularity of Power Rangers posed mammoth demands for image distribution which Eric addressed by being both a pioneer in high-resolution digital imagery as well as the creation of digital image archiving and management which became a model that all current image management systems emulated. Eric’s success became a cornerstone for the brand management of many major entertainment properties.

      The broad-based product and promotion needs and ever-shortening time frames for time-to-markets in all consumer products required improved means of proofing of printed materials. To meet these demands, Eric and Image Domain created new and highly accurate digital proofing services that remain the standard of the industry.

      Eric’s dedication to quality and innovation led to his selection as a primary resource for Mercedes-Benz when Daimler AG required comprehensive, new brand images just a few years ago. Needless to say, such a revered brand with its “The Best or Nothing” motto made Eric and Image Domain the obvious choice for new Mercedes imagery.

      The last few years advent of new aerial photography image creation now has a quality and technology leader and, not surprisingly, it’s Eric. His innovation and dedication to quality has resulted in his creation of new aerial production and images for the most famous of performing artist and forthcoming imagery for leading automotive brands.

      The combination of dedication, innovation and quality that’s incumbent in Eric Mooneyham and Image Domain continues to be a recipe for brand success in all industries.